Welcome to the Itteringham Group of Parishes

"Rural Churches in the heart of their communities"

The Itteringham Group of Churches is made up of the Parishes of Itteringham with Mannington; Little Barningham; and Wickmere with Wolterton.  Each Church community serves their own unique village and each has its own style and rural vibrancy.


Itteringham, St Mary with Mannington, St Mary (Ruin) is a set on the edge of the village of Itteringham.  Famous for its wonderful local community shop and pub Itteringham is well worth a visit.

Sunday Services

Sunday Service
2nd Sunday 11:00am Family Service
3rd Sunday 09:30am Holy Communion


Little Barningham

Little Barningham, St Andrew is set up on a hill and is a hub for the small community it serves.  With it's own mini-kitchen and toilet facilities, Little Barningham Parish Church is always looking for ways to engage with its community.

Sunday Services

Sunday Service
1st Sunday 9.30am Holy Communion
2nd Sunday 10:00 Community Sunday
3rd Sunday 11.00am Family Service



Wickmere, St Andrew with Wolterton, St Margaret (Ruin) stands away from the small community it serves. However, it's committed congregation are key members of their community and so the Church is very much part of the daily life of Wickmere.

The Church is full of memorials dedicated to the Walpole family who lived at Wolterton Hall

Sunday Services 

Sunday Service
1st Sunday 11.00am Family Service
2nd Sunday 09:30am Village Breakfast


Each Church is open every day from dawn to dusk and though we are unable to staff the Churches regularly with volunteer we hope that our guidebooks and visitor information means that you will enjoy informative visits.


Palm Sunday Service 2017