Serving God; Growing Together; Reaching out

Aylsham Parish Church seeks to serve God through prayer and worship, by deepening our spirituality and growing in discipleship; by being a place and a people of genuine hospitality and welcome for all, and by serving one another, mirroring the Son of Man who did not come to be served, but to serve.

We look to grow together by valuing each other’s God given gifts, developing collaborative ministry both lay and ordained in the Parish and in the opportunities our wider Group offers.  We have established Teams with delegated responsibility for areas of mission and ministry.  Our Pastoral Care Team seeks out and supports those in need.  

Aylsham Parish Church is a Church that reaches out into its community and beyond; a church that wants to share the message of Christ’s love, forgiveness, grace, joy, and peace.  We are constantly seeking new ways of building and strengthening relationships with our local community.  As a church, we always look at being intergenerational in our planning, activities, and worship.  Our Schools are a key part of our mission and ministry. We support generously a wide variety of charities which promote Christian values and seek to further our understanding of their work of witness in the wider world.